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A Little About Us...

Mark Purvis is an Emmy Award winning videographer with over 22 years in the industry.  He has helped to create over 2,500 television commercials, infomercials, marketing videos, and corporate films in his career.


The birth of his first granddaughter in 2019 inspired him to launch Legacy Spotlight in order to help families.

Angela Purvis has over 20 years experience managing offices in the insurance and investment industries. As our operations manager, she helps to keep us on track and on schedule.


As a mom of two, she values family and regrets that she didn't have this opportunity with her parents and grandparents.

Hollie O'Brien has been making celebrities and models look their best on camera for 20 years. When she isn't traveling the globe doing hair and makeup for her clients, she's an incredible wife and mother to two young boys.

Spend 20 minutes with Hollie and you'll feel like you've made a friend for life. And chances are, you probably have.

Chris Plourde is an experienced production crew member, working in commercial video and film production. When he is not acting as our production coordinator, you'll often find him actually acting in films and commercials.


Chris has played starring roles in many series and independent films. We know that one day he'll be a big star in front of the camera, so let's take advantage of him while we can.


John Wilson became one of the most well known and respected TV news anchors in the country. After 50 years as a journalist who interviewed thousands of people, including celebrities, presidents and world leaders, John now offers his experience and charm to help you tell your story. 

John is a dedicated husband and proud father and grandfather. If you get to work with him, you will no doubt become one of his countless fans... and friends. We are honored to have him working with us.

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