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Create a Powerful Legacy that will Impact Your Family for Generations.

Your life story matters, and we help you preserve it for generations to come!  Your family will love it!

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This website is for those who believe that their legacy is much more than just material things.

What's at Stake ?

Think about your relatives from past generations.  Imagine all of their experiences and wisdom that is now lost to history.

What will your family lose after you are gone?  Your stories, your values, and your wisdom are YOUR legacy.

And your legacy matters.

What is Legacy Video?

If you were miraculously granted 2 hours to visit future generations of your family, what would you share with them?

Would you describe your childhood or share your family history?

Would you offer advice about homemaking or share your spiritual values?

Now, you can craft your legacy using video technology, so the things that you value most can be preserved for future generations to enjoy.


And we want to help!

Let an Emmy Award winner combine artistic cinematography with creative storytelling to help you bless your family today and for generations to come.  


This is what we call  Legacy Video.

Let us help you:

• create videos that will spark meaningful conversations with your loved ones today.

• preserve a legacy that will impact your family for generations.

• enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are making a difference.

Our Value Proposition

Getting Started is Simple...

Choose the package that is right for you.

Contact our producer to start your project.

Enjoy the fun process of preserving your legacy.

What Our Clients Say...

We have enjoyed many wonderful conversations with our grandkids after they watched our legacy videos.  Every grandparent should do this.

Yvonne & Terry

I thought I would be nervous, but the whole process was really enjoyable.  I actually want to do it again.


My kids cried when they heard some of my stories.  These videos have blessed my family more than I could have imagined.


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